I worked as a photographer in Canada, documenting life for numerous publications including the Toronto Star, the Globe and Mail, the New York Times. Photographing news, events, and portraits before moving to the West Country in Bristol and start a family with my wife.

Working for the high demand daily publications taught me to document the day and creating it, to tell the story in one photo.

  • Whether it is a fast paced breaking news story, where you have to be quick to capture the moment. I love capturing those moments, that go by quickly.
  • Photographing big events like Glastonbury, it is such a great festival! Lots of fashion, big moments and small. Mud included!
  • Making beautiful portrait, using the light, available or with my studio lights, to your best advantage.
  • Photographing the Queen is a great honour, you have to be on your best behaviour too.
  • Documenting a feature story about life in a small town..