Wedding Prices

Weddings can get expensive quick. So that is why I offer, three simple wedding prices. My philosophy to most things is the KISS formula. Keep it Simple Smart Guy!

You will receive the principles of a photojournalist, who holds the skills to tell your story within a split second. This story is now yours. With 15 years of national and international editorial newspaper experience, documenting people’s stories with key moments,

 I can tell your story.

I offer three simple wedding packages.

Short Wedding

Ceremony to meal


Full Day

Getting ready to first dance


Having a great time and want party pictures after the first dance?

I'd love to.

Its £150 for 2 more hours. Until 10:30pm

Full Day Plus!

All Day,  All Night!


Included : A Pre-Wedding shoot

Pre-Wedding Shoot

A couple of hours hanging out and getting to know you while we make beautiful, fun photos! 


What you receive:
Hand edited photos on a disk or an electronic download.
You can then download and print whatever you want! Share with family and friends on all social media platforms including the good old fashion print.
That is it.
Keep It Simple Smart Guy!